Prayer Wall

Rachelle, December 5, 2023 - 7:10 am

My mom Darlene and I have a very strong faith in Christ and believe He is the same God as yesterday. I'm asking for prayers for her. She woke up from a coma a toxic brain injury when the Drs said there was no hope. She keeps getting bowel obstructions and aspiration. She has to be fed through a IV and has tracheotomy in her neck. She has a lot going on but she is a fighter and my heart tells me to trust in Jesus and keep fighting in faith. She needs a full healing miracle but also a new team of Drs or at least one of faith.

Victor, December 1, 2023 - 7:14 pm

Please pray for me. I have been having abdominal and back pain for last 3 months and unable to find cause. Need GOD’s miraculous healing. Thank you and God Bless!

Anonymous, November 27, 2023 - 10:24 am

Please pray for God to end me, my daughters, grandsons, and son-in-laws captivity to whatever it is that's got us in bondage.

Dee Dee, November 25, 2023 - 3:08 pm

Pray that Anecia separate from Trevor and Kevin permanently and forever because they're pushing her away from Jesus Christ and accepting Him as Lord and Savior.

Anonymous, November 25, 2023 - 2:15 pm

Please pray the Lord will radically change my son David while he is in a Christian rehab and his marriage will be restored if he is truly changed.

Dee Dee, November 24, 2023 - 8:08 am

Asking prayer that Kevin and Trevor be separate permanently and forever from each other. That Trevor move out of Kevin home.

Bless, November 24, 2023 - 5:02 am

Please pray that Jesus would come back and save, heal, set free, revive, redeem, restore and deliver. Pray for fully surrendered, worshipful, prayerful, thankful hearts and that God be gracious in Jesus name.

Michelle, November 23, 2023 - 10:15 pm

Please pray for a friend of ours Tim and his wife who was diagnosed with cancer they have lived in their house for several years and the owner is selling it they need to find a house with resonable rent thank you God bless everyone

Bless, November 22, 2023 - 2:37 pm

Please pray God be glorified in my life. Pray for eyes of love and the mind of Christ. Pray for freedom, strongholds torn down, breakthrough, wholeness and every kind of healing. Pray for revival and restoration. Pray for revelation and understanding. Pray for the greater spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit for all God's people in order to bless the body of Christ. Pray to trust in God's faithfulness to do all he has said he will do and to receive all he has promised by faith in Jesus name. Pray against weapons of doubt, discouragement, unbelief and fear. Pray God redeem, satisfy and justify. Pray for victory in Christ and that God bless, protect and keep me and my mom from all evil/harm and save my whole family. I am also a teacher, so please pray God help me be a good one and for God's loving-kindness, blessing and favor in this area, that God's will be done in my classroom and with my students and that God bless us, protect us, and pour his Holy Spirit out on all of us here at my school. Pray I'd walk in the love and righteousness of Jesus, with integrity, humility and in an honorable fashion, and that any evil power working against God's will, plans and purposes for me demolish itself quickly in Jesus name.

Andrew, November 20, 2023 - 9:35 am

Healing from bipolar disorder and all suffering I experience thank you God Amen