Our History

When It All Began

    The history of Remington Baptist Church dates to the days after the Civil War, in the year 1874. It all began when the people of Rappahannock Station were still recovering from battle scars of the war. Seven area residents met at the home of Dr. John Burroughs to discuss the possibilities of organizing a Baptist church. No definite action was taken to start a church, until February 13, 1876, when a few men and women met and organized the Baptist church at Rappahannock Station. Rev. Samuel B. Barbour presided over the meeting and acted as the church’s first pastor.
The first regular pastor of the church was called on June 1, 1879, the Rev. Saint George Tucker Abrahams. Rev. Saint George attended Richmond College for three years, and he was a member of what is known as “The Old Guard”. Men who were present at both the 50th and 100th anniversaries of the Virginia Baptist General Association.
   In 1882, the church experienced a year of both despair, and hope. On April 19, church members had faced seemingly insurmountable problems, and had met at the school house to discuss the possibility of disbanding. The Rev. Fleet Henderson James, the pastor of Bealeton Baptist Church at the time, along with about eight members of the church met and resolved not to disband, but instead, chose the second Sunday of each month as their regular time for worship. A month later, Rev. F. H. James was called as pastor of the church, while also pastoring Bealeton Baptist Church.
    In the same year that church had discussed possible disbandment, the church instituted a building fund in hopes of building a permanent house of worship. That same year, the church joined the Potomac Baptist Association, adopted a covenant, and organized their first Sunday School. Church members eagerly accepted the plan to build a church and made generous donations which totaled $450, by June 1883. In the fall of 1883, 75,000 bricks were molded and burned for the walls of the new church. The lot on which the church stands today, was donated by the heirs of Stanton D. Embrey (one of the original members of the church), and was deeded on November 13, 1886. During the summer of 1884, Peter Hedinger dug the foundation of the present church.
    Construction began on September 8, 1884, with the laying of the cornerstone, which can still be seen at the church today, reflecting that date. After the construction of the church was started, the congregation began to grow. The following quote is from the minutes of the Potomac Association’s 1886 meeting: “Remarks – Rappahannock Church is endeavoring to complete its house of worship. This is an important field, and your committee commends it to the favorable consideration of the brethren.” Sunday School enrollment reached 48 by 1885, and the school was in session seven months a year.
Rev. James was resigned as pastor of the Rappahannock Church on May 6, 1888, and was followed by the Rev. Frank Pattison Berkley, a practicing lawyer in Fairfax County, in June 1889. Rev. Berkley was an Episcopalian before accepting the Baptist faith, and was ordained at the Rappahannock Church, on October 13, 1889. The church building was also completed that year.
    After about 10 years, and two pastors later, Rev. L. H. Shuck, of Charlottesville, became pastor, in June 1897. Dr. Shuck was the son of the first Baptist woman missionary to China. It was during his service to the church that a steeple was contracted to be built on the church. The steeple was completed sometime between 1897 and 1898. In April 1898, the name of the town was changed from Rappahannock Station, to Remington. The church followed suit, and changed its name to the Remington Baptist Church. The 43rd annual meeting of the Potomac Association was held in the church, in August 1898. In December of 1901, the interior of the church was repaired and repainted. By 1904, the membership had increased to 100 people.
    Remington Baptist Church continued to grow and change over the next 4 decades. Another important year for the church, began on February 10, 1957. There was a ground-breaking ceremony for the addition of seven Sunday School rooms. By December of that year, a church constitution and a set of by-laws was written. The constitution was adopted on September 12, 1959. In 1961, the church voted to go to a full-time pastorate and met every Sunday. Hymnals were purchased and by August of 1962, the church membership had reached 302 members. In the fifteen years following, a parsonage was built and a second floor was added to the Sunday School wing.
    Today, Remington Baptist Church continues to thrive and change. Modern day technology has allowed us to live stream our Sunday Services, on our Facebook page. We continue to reach out into the community on a weekly basis through our website and the local book boxes with crafts for the children. Bi-weekly devotions are posted on Facebook and our website for everyone to stay in touch with God throughout the week. Sunday School classes are held for the children and various Adult Bible Fellowships are held on Sunday, and throughout the week in order to stay connected, and uplifted, with our Christian brothers and sisters. Please be sure to stop by and check out this historically enriched church. We care about you, and would love to have you join our family!