Prayer Request

Gavin Turner, February 11, 2024 - 5:28 pm

I've suffered with a very debilitating mental disorder known as OCD for thirty years of my life, and it's caused me to miss out on so much of life, hurt relationships, made it hard to hold a job, etc. Not to mention how it was treated in the early years with Big Pharma medicines just caused even more health problems. I'm still fairly young, will be 41 my next birthday and I'm holding out hope that what seems like a mess that was made in the early years primarily from a lack of knowledge about some things, and the doctors not wanting to troubleshoot to get to the bottom of things, that it's turned around so I can get my life back. I'm a well meaning person, and God's given me some good gifts, and a desire to help others, but it's really hard to utilize them in my current situation.