Prayer Request

Anthony roberts, December 4, 2022 - 10:20 pm

A need help and powerful prayer and divine protection from god. I stay with a minister and another minister, I’m pick at and mocked even at church by some .I barely have money and receive ssi and laughed at. My name is being destroyed and this person call themselves a prophet, I have no other place to stay and no car, I was told god will judge me and destroy me. It’s very confidential and can’t say to much, mistreated and talked down to some time wanta cry and if I say some back I’m kicked out of the house with no where to go, I do smoke and drink to hide the pain, I love god and wanta stop but don’t have much family . My financial picture is not the best and don’t know what to do. I wanta get my own place and find a great church to attend where I can call family. I need prayer against witchcraft aswell heavy . Every area of my life. Keep me in heavy prayer on the prayer wall for the remaining of this year and gods will 2023